Sad Love Quotes that Make You Cry 2018 Updated

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Hello and welcome friends on WPP Status the world of status. We all know that sometimes someone breaks our heart and that is the most difficult time in our life. We lost our thinking capacity and we just want to be alone. At that time we are looking for some sad stories, sad quotes and sad love quotes that make you cry. This is because you want to cry alone. But don’t worry you are not alone. I am here and I am going to share sad love quotes. These quotes are selected by me. If you like these quotes don’t forget to share with your friends and colleagues. So read here.

 Sad Love Quotes that Make You Cry:


Tried my best

  • Tried my best to stop you,
    But, you never loved me,
    You used me only for your reason,
    Leaving me hurt in every season,
    Your hurt is now my anguish in life,
    It is getting tough to survive,
    With all the pain you gave me,
    What else is left to see?


Loved you from heart:

  • I loved you from my heart,
    You were the one for me,
    But, what you did with me,
    Took away my glee,
    Your one reason was enough,
    To break my heart,
    One reason was enough,
    To make us apart!

What love means:

  • You know what love means,
    I don’t think you do,
    All you know is to hurt,
    All you know is to make me cry,
    I gave my best,
    Because I had to try,
    But, you are no good for me,
    You know only hurt for me to see!

The time I fell

  • The time when I fell in love,
    I thought you are my world,
    I thought you are my everything,
    But, I was so wrong,
    Coz you messed up my most special song,
    You are the reason of my pain,
    Now, there is nothing else to gain!

Best Sad Love Quotes that Make You Cry:

Love goes wrong

  • Things go wrong in life
    But, love stays strong,
    But you don’t know the meaning of love,
    To heart it belongs,
    All you know is to give pain,
    All you know is to make me cry in vain,
    I have no feelings left,
    It’s all in the deft!

Because I loved you so much

  • You never loved me,
    You never really cared for me,
    I gave you my life,
    Because you were my destiny,
    When things went wrong,
    You never looked back,
    There is no love left
    There is a crack
    In the trust I made on you,
    Because I truly loved you,
    But, you never loved me
    You have never loved me through!


The pain in my eyes

  • The pain that you see in my eyes,
    Made me truly realize
    That true love does not really exist
    True love does not really cease
    Because your love only gave me pain
    Some silent tears in vain
    You moved on with your life,
    Leaving behind my emotions so deep,
    And day and night of weep,
    Still longing for your touch,
    Still longing for you,
    Which I know will not be true!

Parting ways with you

  • Such painful it was parting ways with you,
    Without you I feel so blue,
    I loved you so much, do you know,
    Then how remorse you could show,
    Didn’t you love me from your heart,
    Didn’t you love me from the start,
    So, why all this fakeness from your end,
    Why all this pretend,
    Go away and don’t you look back
    Because it is impossible to fill this crack!

My not only wish

  • My only wish was to be with you,
    My only wish was only you,
    But, you chose another way,
    I did not have any say,
    For you love was not pure
    Love was not so true
    But, for me it was my density
    Without love, there is no serenity,
    Nothing is left in life now,
    Don’t know where I will find these,
    Answers to how!

The day I left you

  • I remember the day when we first met,
    When you approached me right,
    That day things were so bright,
    Then why did you leave me in pain,
    What was your gain?
    Why all this gloom,
    And why I am deprived,
    Won’t be able to love ever again in my life
    Won’t be able to trust,
    Because love only gives sorrow,
    As there is no tomorrow,
    In true feeling of love!

No solace

  • No solace of any kind,
    Nothing is left to unwind,
    My days are not the same
    My night is oh so dark
    There is no reason to laugh
    There is not a single spark
    Life is in one big mess
    Since the time you broke my heart
    Since the time you have left!

Best 2019 Sad Love Quotes that Make You Cry:

Time will so heal:

  • Time will heal my pain I am sure,
    But I can’t forgive you for what you did
    I know I trusted you with all my might,
    Why did you end up with this fight
    We were so happy
    We were so glad and gay
    Why did you treat me like this
    And changed the way
    I don’t have much to say
    Just silent tears!

I lost all

  • I am the flower who has lost its bloom
    Dried and broken to the core
    You have dumped me so hard you know
    That there are no tears to show
    It’s all cold inside and out
    I can’t scream and I can’t shout
    Totally broken inside my soul
    With the end of your dual role!
    I feel the pain within!

Pain in me

  • Pain in my heart and tears in my eyes
    The way you treated me was not even wise
    You used me and then broke my heart
    You were an important part
    Of my life,
    Oh why did you do that I want you to say
    Of all the things you had to lay
    Why did you break my pure heart
    Why did you just went apart
    Please answer me now!

Don’t hold me

  • I don’t hold you or don’t own you,
    But, I did have a say in your life,
    You left me without any reason
    Being deft in every season
    I am left with tears in vain
    I can’t really hide my pain
    I trusted you from my heart
    I trusted you in so much love,
    I now I am just left in shove!

Things do change

  • Things do change with time,
    You also did that way,
    Two faces you had you know
    One which you did not show
    Why you loved me if you had no feelings
    Why did I trust you at all
    Now I won’t be able to love Again
    Nor stand tall!
    To express my feelings within!
    Will not able to sing,
    The songs of my heart!

I will not be

  • I will not remember your kiss
    I will not remember the love
    I will forget your embrace
    I will forget your innocent face
    When the feelings are not pure
    When there is no allure
    I can’t be in that relation
    Where there is love lost
    I will forget you for sure!

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