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Hello friends!! Welcome back once again on WPPStatus. Today i am going to share about happy life status. Happiness is very important for everyone in their life. So always be happy and keep smiling. Here are some best happy life status which you can choose and share with your friends, on your facebook on your whatsapp and on your twitter and Instagram as well.

Happy Life Status:

  • The only person, who shall shape your future, is you. Good luck.

  • You have never failed, and with your sincere focus, you never shall. You have all the blessings and luck from our side.

  • Don’t let pressure get a hold of you, stand strong with focus and calmness. You are certain to succeed. All the Best.

  • With a heart as brave as yours, am sure no test can take you down. I wish you all the luck for success.

  • If you believe in yourself,
    You don’t need any help,
    Go and achieve your goals,
    Be ready for a brighter role,
    All the best for your exams!

  • When exams are near,
    Nothing seems clear,
    You are tension,
    Oh! did I mention,
    Relax; you will do well in your test,
    Study hard, and leave the rest,
    All the best!

  • To excel you need to climb on the pyramid,
    You will reach higher with little competition,
    All the best for your exams!

  • Its that time of the year,
    When you will give your examination,
    You need to study with concentration,
    To get high grades,
    So study well,
    All the best for exams!

  • Study hard to get what you want,
    Study hard to achieve everything you desire,
    Study hard to achieve your goals,
    So, all the best for your exams!

  • You studied hard,
    So leave the rest,
    Be prepared for your real test,
    All the best for your exams!

  • Hard work always pays in life,
    You will get fruitful result if you strive,
    May you achieve whatever you wish for and aim higher!
    All the best!

  • People might be wishing you all the best for today,
    But, I will wish you a great success on your way,
    All the best and do well in your exams!

  • You have studied so hard,
    So, you will get the outcome,
    Stay relaxed even if you come across a big problem,
    All the best for passing the test!

  • Wish you loads of good luck for your test,
    Don’t worry and give your best shot,
    And leave the rest,
    Good luck and do well in your exams!

  • If you study hard,
    Then you will make a great start,
    So forget your fear,
    When your paper is near,
    All the best and give your best shot!

  • Go for it,
    And give your best,
    Today is your real test,
    Be relaxed and don’t take tension,
    Exams just require the right skill and attention,
    All the best!

Best Happy Life Status:

  • Good luck for your test my dear,
    Take the challenge without any fear,
    All the best to you!

  • Stay calm and relax when you see the test,
    Be cool and write down with ease,
    All your tensions will cease,
    All the best for your exams!

  • Hope you reach great heights of success,
    Go fly high to make your own nest,
    Because you know you are the best,
    So here is wishing you all the best!

  • Don’t let stress get the better of you.
    I have faith you will emerge successful in the ensuing exams.
    Your hard work will pay off. Good Luck!

  • It’s your big day and I know
    That you have lots of things in your mind
    But do what you love doing
    And all the answers you shall find
    It’s your big day so keep calm
    You will reach where you want to in life
    Wishing a lovely Good luck to you
    May God be with you!

  • I know that things do not change
    I know that life will be tough
    Your will is strong enough for you
    Your will power will take you through
    Wishing you a lovely time
    Wishing Good luck to you
    May you stay blessed
    Everything you get will be new!

  • My good wish and good luck
    Is always there with you dear
    May you excel in what you are doing
    You will have a reason to cheer
    When your effort is right
    Everything will surely be bright
    So it will be for you
    Wishing you Good luck
    For things, you are going to do!

  • You do not really need my good luck
    Because I know that, you are the best
    Whatever you do in your life
    You do pass in every test
    I don’t need your good luck
    For things I know in there
    You are always along with me
    And the way you are there
    Wish you well..Good luck to you!

Top Happy Life Status:

  • Shine and the world will shine with you
    Shine and you will get the clue
    That life is, as you want it to be
    Life will show you magic so new
    Keep shining and keep that light
    Things will surely be all bright
    Wishing you Good luck in life!

  • May luck shine in your favor
    May you get things you want
    You will get what you desire
    May you have things to flaunt
    May you reach where you aim at
    And you get a new start
    Wishing you Good luck in life
    For your time has just begun!

  • You have that will to go so far
    You have that will to go until sky
    Look yourself through your eyes
    And you will see yourself so high
    Yes, you will surely reach where
    You want to in your life
    Here is wishing you Good luck in life!

  • May good luck never leave your side
    May things be good and you don’t hide
    If you are sure about things in your life
    Then you will surely get there
    Why worry about things
    That do not matter in time
    Wishing you good luck in life
    May you never have to strive!

  • The time should always be right
    Things should always be bright
    When your focus is on something
    It will surely make you get that thing
    So your focus is correct I now
    You just do not show
    Good luck to you for everything
    That is going to come up!

  • There are many testing times in life
    Sometimes you also need to sacrifice
    Know you are having a tough time
    So I pray that you get over this phase
    In a very smooth way
    Wishing you Good luck for you journey
    You will surely win and have your say!

  • My best wishes and good luck are just
    for you to feel good my dear,
    Rest assured I know that you are the best
    And you are well prepared for this test
    May luck never leave your side
    Do well and be patient with all your might,
    All the very best for your exams!

  • You have the right determination
    You have a different imagination
    You have that will to strive so hard
    You have a mind that can impress
    So nothing can stop you oh dear
    To be the best in this test
    All the very best from my side
    Just focus and believe in yourself!

  • You don’t have to be a book worm to top your grades
    You need the right kind of knowledge and attitude
    You have both my dear, so there is no need to fear
    As I know that, you will do your best
    In your life’s most difficult test
    Good luck for your exams
    Do well coz you know you are lucky!

  • You have all the qualities to reach the top
    Patience, perseverance, hard work and determination,
    Luck is also on your side
    Go ahead and reach out for this tide
    And you will excel through all bright
    All the best for your exams
    Do well and I know you will with your might!

Happy Life Status In English:

  • My wishes and good luck will stay with you
    Your hard work will pay you right
    I can for see your future so very bright
    Go in the direction of your dream
    And you will reach near your goal
    Just know what is your right role
    Wish you all the very best!

  • The right focus can take you a long way
    If you determined you could reach, where you want
    Just a matter of some hard work
    Then you will have the time to flaunt
    Trust your skills and talent in life
    And you will go a long way
    All the very best for your test
    May you excel in every way!

  • I am sending you positive energy
    So that you remain focused and do your best
    So that you remain calm at this time
    You have worked hard for this
    You will get whatever is destined
    So just, trust your heart,
    Wishing all the good luck your way
    All the best..Have your say!

  • Where there is hard work, my friend
    Good luck does come behind
    You have strive hard for this day
    So stay calm and make your way
    Luck is with you and blessings too
    For a wonderful life coming through
    My best wishes are with you
    Super good luck to you!

  • Some people are lucky enough in life
    And some and talented and brainy to strive
    But you have all the traits in you
    Then why are you living in the blue
    Be confident and crack your test
    You know that you can do the best
    So all the best from me to you
    For a new phase is waiting for you!

  • There is no point in stressing out
    No point in living in that exam fever
    Stay calm coz you know it all
    Stay calm coz that will help you sail
    Through this difficult tide
    All the very best to you
    Stay with all your might
    Do well my dear!

Happy Life Status In English 2019:

  • Your courage and determination can take you a long way,
    Where you would be able to have your say
    Be stern and achieve at your will
    You know that you can do it all right
    Good life is waiting for you so bright
    So do your best with all your might
    All the very best!

  • Instead of thinking about your test
    And stressing out on your future grades
    Concentrate on your time now
    And stay focused that you will time it,
    All the best coz you are the best
    Stay calm and pass through this test
    You know that you are strong..So do your best!

  • Knowledge is supreme in life
    And with it there is no need to strive
    Let go of your nervousness and stress
    Let go of your anxiety and fear
    When you know your goal is near
    Be calm and give your best
    This is your life’s most fruitful test
    All the very best!

  • Hard luck can take you right to the star
    Your determination will help you through
    Work hard and reach your goal
    You will see a way all in all the new
    You know that you can do it right
    When there is a blessed sight
    So all the best for your test
    Do well with your quest and zest!

  • Do not worry about how you will fare
    Know your strengths in life and excel
    You will reach where your way takes you
    Gather all the reasons and clue
    Strive hard and don’t you stress
    This is just a phase and a test
    All the very best from my side
    Do well and I know you will!

  • Each step you take in your life
    Will reflect in your life later on
    So strive hard and achieve whatever you wish
    Coz this time won’t come back ever
    Study hard and get the grades that you desire
    No one can stop you to reach higher
    Good luck from my side
    For this part of the tide!

Best Happy Life Status In English:

  • Stressed is the state of mind I know
    When exams are near there is stress to show
    But if you smile then stress will go
    And you will surely get to know
    That you are the best so don’t take stress
    With your grades you will impress
    Good luck for your exams my dear
    Give us all a reason to cheer
    All the very best!

  • Don’t let stress affect your mind
    There are many ways and destinations to find
    Be cool and find your reason to cheer
    This is just a phase my dear
    Wishing you, good luck all along
    You will reach your goal
    To where you truly belong
    My heartfelt good luck to you
    Know that you are the best among few!

  • Hard work and luck go hand in hand
    I wish that your hard work and luck,
    Get you bigger surprises and achievements in life
    Try and you will get there one day
    Go all out to have your say
    Just want to wish you a heartfelt good luck for today
    Have a bright day because you deserve the best!

  • You know in your mind that you are the best
    You can easily surpass any test
    Good luck is all I want to say
    So that you have a blessed day
    And achieve whatever comes your way
    Good luck to you from my heart
    For that one wonderful start!

  • All the best and I wish that you do well
    I wish that you get what you are looking for
    I wish that all your wishes come true,
    Only for you,
    All the very best!

  • Good luck to a very good friend of mine
    You know the value of life and time
    You would be able to reach your goal
    As you know about your prime role,
    All the best my friend!

  • Sending you loads of good wishes from my end
    I want you to reach where you dream of
    So, my good luck is with you
    Do well and reach for the star!
    Your destination is not so far!

  • Just want to wish you best of luck
    For your new start and journey in life
    May you get what you want,
    And you never have to strive,
    Wishing you all the best!

  • Your hard work is your best friend
    It will help you to achieve success
    So, work hard and reach your destination
    You can do it because you have that in you
    All the very best!

  • You have an inspiration and you also have a goal
    You need to stay strong and then find your role,
    All the best and do well,
    You can be the best in whatever you do!

Top Happy Life Status In English 2019:

  • Smile and you will be able to do something,
    You have never expected
    The power of smile can also help you to win
    All the very best for your task!

  • Success is not achieved by things you do,
    But, by your efforts you put in,
    And the will to achieve the same,
    So all the very best and do achieve your goal!

  • Everything is possible if you strive hard,
    You just have to wait for that perfect start,
    Once the goal is achieved
    It will make you smile,
    All the best!

  • I wish you achieve things you want,
    That is my prayer for you
    And will ask God for that grant
    Do well and wish you all the luck!

  • You know that you are the best,
    Leave aside the rest,
    You have the will to go a long way,
    So, go out there and have your say,
    All the very best my friend,
    Do well!

  • Your imagination will take you higher in life,
    So what if you have to strive,
    You will reach where no one has thought about,
    So, just keep it going strong,
    Do well and all the best to you!

  • Don’t stress out because you are the best,
    You truly deserve than the rest,
    Just keep calm and you are there,
    Just show that you also have that flair,
    Because you truly deserve the best,
    Than the rest,
    Good luck to you my friend!

  • Your efforts will help you to reap the best,
    This is and shall remain your test,
    Do well is all I have to say,
    Be prepared for every situation,
    Come what may,
    Good luck to you, do well!

  • You need to give your best shot,
    Have your dedication in your stride,
    Then it would not be difficult,
    To turn to every tide,
    You can do it easily,
    So, good luck for future!

  • Good luck my friend for the journey so strong,
    Good luck for all that you need to achieve,
    Good luck for all the new ways,
    Just do your best you can,
    God has the best plan,
    For you,
    All the very best!

  • Things can be bad at times,
    As life is not always the same,
    There can be roadblocks and blame,
    But, eventually you will reach the goal,
    Just play your part and role,
    Good luck to you!

  • With the power of inner strength, you can achieve what you want,
    The power of hope will get you higher in life,
    Just a little wait and strive,
    And you will be there on your path,
    So, keep it going strong,
    Good luck to you!

  • Your struggle in life will change in success one day,
    You will reach out far and have your say,
    Just keep going smooth and strong,
    You will reach the place you truly belong,
    So, good luck to you!

  • Success has no definite head start in life,
    It mainly depends on three things,
    Your talent, your hard work and your dedication,
    So, good luck for your future,
    Do your best!

  • Show the world your true power,
    Show the world what you truly are,
    Go there and stand out like the shining star,
    Good luck!

  • Good luck is just a small way to say that I want the best for you,
    Deep down I wish you get everything what you want,
    All the best my friend!

  • I prayed to God and asked for a special wish,
    I wished for luck,
    I wished the opportunity you will not miss,
    So good luck from my side!

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